Attack On Titan Chapter 125 Release Date | Levi Is Back

attack on titan chapter 125 Eren's Look

Attack on Titan Chapter 125 is finally here.

Title of this manga chapter is “After Glow” that shows two characters’ significant return unexpectedly.

With the new year coming up, Annie is going to make a dramatic entrance after so much time. But due to four years of continuous sleep made her very weak. She can’t even transform the moment she cut herself.

Before reading this new chapter, read below the summary of Attack on Titan chapter 124:

The name of the latest Attack on Titan chapter 124 is Melting Away

The last Attack On Titan Manga Chapter chapter slowly revealing Eren’s new titan form that possesses immense powers to control all titans’ ability. Fan yet to see his full avatar, however, the monstrous transformation is leveling up beyond the height of regular Colossal Titan.

The last manga chapter of Shingeki No Kyojin begins with Gabi leaving injured Reiner, whose harder totally peeled off, to save Falco.

Meaning, Connie desperately wanted to save his titan mother by feeding her Falco’s body with titan’s ability.

With this, Mikasa, Armin, and Jean left to fight with newly formed pure Titans who started slaughtering our Eldian soldiers.

However, with the assistance of Keith Shadis, the team managed to gather all the titan in the central area of the Tower and kill them with Thunder Spears.

On the other hand, while in Shiganshina District, where Eren is emerging into the new Titan form, all the Marleyan soldiers had been wiped out.

After surviving doomed walls that were coming down due to wall Titans, Floch Forster returned Inside the fort and pointed a gun at Yelena along with the volunteers.

There Armin and Mikasa surprise to find Sasha’s father as well as uninjured Gabi to take back Falco.

But as Connie already made his mind to use Falco to save his handicap titan mother, Gavi got devastated.

According to Gabi, Eren could change Connie’s mother back if he wants to as Eren now holds the incredible powers of Founding titan. Because Gabi saw Armor Titan’s peeled hard armor. [Fans are going to a witnessed new creature in the next Attack on Titan Chapter 125]

Eren new founding Titan shingeki no kyojin manga

Now hearing such a piece of shocking news, Armin realizes that it was Eren who is undoing all the hardening.

At the same time, beloved Annie’s harden shell also breaking into pieces to prepare for her next journey.

Annie Leonhart Attack On Titan 124

Attack On Titan Chapter 125 Expectations:

  1. Annie will side with no one in the Titan war.
  2. Now the Eren goes on rampage, Annie would go against him to stop the annihilation of the world.
  3. Armor Titan’s host Reiner Braun would die.
  4. Levi will return.

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