Attack On Titan Chapter 122 Release Date Revealed

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Unexpected events will continue to reveal in Attack on Titan chapter 122 that will release on October 09, 2019.

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Title of a current piece of Attack on Titan is “Memories of the Future.”

The last chapter of “Attack On Titan unveiled what is “Path” and the origin of titan, the Founder Ymir. Moreover, Fans also testified some of the unsolved questions yet bred a few more.

Recently, many of us seem unclear on Attack Titan’s strange ability that travels through shifters’ memories.

The last Shingeki No Kyojin chapter also put fans under dilemma whether Eren is hiding something or planning which Zeke is unaware.

However, now. It seems obvious.

Yes! Attack Titan’s host can go through the hosts’ memories. They even could see future events from the next titan holders’ minds.

Both Yeagers brothers arrived at the Grisha’s memories when Eren was nine years old. It was the same time when Eren saved Mikasa from robbers and killed two of three thieves.

Eren mentioned that he would not stop if anyone is trying to steal his freedom.

He is who he is now. He is different from his half brother, Zeke Yeager.

Momentarily AOT readers could relate his actions right since day one, why he always anxious to fight back.

While going through another flash, Zeke explained Eren that having coordinate by his side could help to carry out his mission any time he wishes. However, he won’t do it.

Its because Zeke wanted to save Eren first.

Afterwards, brothers went through another memories blocks where Grisha was writing a note on the back of photograph for Eren.

grisha yeager

Once done, while keeping the book in his drawer, he looked at his little Son.

The last chapter exposed how Grisha able to saw the older man Zeke briefly.

Now its Eren.

In AOT Chapter 120, Grisha made eye contact with only Zeke instead on both.

This time he was able to see Eren clearly, or he might assume that his Son would visit his memories once he wields the powers of Attack Titan.

Next chapter of memory showed Carla and Eren arguing over his joining the Survey Corps.

Readers can notice Grisha’s shocking face.

Like he realized future Eren is watching over them.

While leaving the house, Grish told little Eren that he has permission to see the secrets he has kept in his basement.

It may not look like, but it seems Grisha is telling future Eren how he was struggling to reveal the truth.

In a vision, Grisha saw the events of the fall of Wall Maria in Shiganshina District. As soon as he witnessed brutal truth, Grisha head back to the chapel where Reiss Family presented.

grisha yeager and royal family

Grisha unveiled his true self and convinced Frieda about an uncontrollable future crisis. However, she refused to help him.

According to her, Eldians must accept their fate to protect the World.

She even added that if Grisha steals Founding Titan from her, it won’t help him. Because the holder of Founding Titan must of from Royerl Blood family.

Zeke informed his brother that Eren once felt disappointed when Grisha slaughtered Reiss’ family. Zeke asked if it was a lie.

It is when Eren looked pissed.

Grisha continued that people who are inside the wall had their memories stolen. They have no clue what and why it is happening.

According to Grisha, that’s not atonement for Eldians.

Grisha somehow convinced Frieda, and she replied this tragedy could not avoid. However, they can prevent the lives of people outside the walls.

At this moment, Eren had it enough; even Grisha was able to see it through Eren’s eyes.

Grisha looked frightened.

Initially, it was Attack Titan who did not obey the King so that it could fight for self-righteousness. And it was this time.

Zeke still confused asking Eren whether it’s a true story or not.

At this point, AOT readers knew that Grisha’s awareness about future Eren’s presence nearby him but didn’t act.

Thanks to him, Grisha know what needs to do.

Grisha said Frieda to have him the powers of Founding Titan and help him to end the Royal Family bloodline.

However, being as a doctor, he shouldn’t kill the children.

Therefore, to remind his mission, Eren is moving towards his dad.

Eren, pissed, stand next to Grisha reminded him what had happened and what he must do now.

His dad must avenge everyone who has died, right from Faye Yeager, Dina Fritz, Eldian Restorationists, and Kruger.

Readers might have noticed Eren’s eyes. The pattern was similar to what Royal Blood with coordinate looks.

Grisha stood firm by his decision.

He stabbed himself with his scalpel and transformed into Attack Titan to finished the Royal family.

grisha yeager attack titan manga

Eren stated “we” must kill them, so does that mean he was manipulating his father?

Did Eren had control over Grisha’s actions?

Another cause may be Grisha able to see older man Zeke because of Zeke’s control over founding titan.

It appears, Eren didn’t just go through his dad’s memories but also trigger Grisha to enforce the past events.

After killing Royal Family, Grisha left the chapel along with titan spinal fluid.

grisha yeager steal founding titan

Feeling guilty, Grisha sob and saying Eren whether he is happy or not.

Grisha added that Eren did not show him whole truth whether his wife is going to make it or not if the wall destroyed.

Grisha also noticed future Zeke’s appearance and apologies for being a terrible father to him and warned him to stop Eren.

If we looked back, it all started when Eren Hand-kissed Historia a few years back. Having contact with royal blood, Eren perceived the future.

Eren might have gone through his future memories.

Zeke realized that it was Eren who pushed Grisha to kill Royal Family. Because Grisha only saw what Eren had shown him.

He realized “Attack Titan” could move through time. Hence it would be possible to affect the past by showing Grisha’s memories.

Eren and Grisha yeager in AOT manga

So Eren does manipulate Grisha instead of Zeke.

Eren further appended that because of Zeke; he was able to tap into his father’s memories have the coordinate.

Terrified Zeke ordered Ymir to steal the ability to reproduce from all the Eldians.

To stop her, Eren broke his chain and advanced towards her to stop her.

Zeke stated that Grisha regrets what he had done and thus, needs to stop Eren.

Now the real question is what exactly Eren’s real motive?

Is he a real villain like Daenerys from ‘Game of Thrones’?

We witnessed time-travelling thing here.

Eren also mentioned that Zeke didn’t saw when Eren was eating his father.

When Grisha went to see his family (knowing Eren is alive) after destroying Royal Blood, he was crying because his wife would get killed in the process and the future.

Grisha also said that after he finished Royal Family, Grisha led Rod Reiss to escape. So was it a part of Eren’s plan?

So overall, difficult to understand, fans at least know what and why it has happened.

It was all Eren’s plan over things thanks to Attack Titan.

Also thanks to the coordination of both Attack and Founding Titan within Eren’s body. It was like Eren knew how to use Founding Titan’s ability in the first place.

Expected things From Attack On Titan chapter 122:

In the next Attack On Titan chapter 122, fans can expect to see between Ymir and Eren.

We might get to know Ymir’s untold history, the tale of the first King and the first great Titan War as well.

It would be only to understand Eren’s genuine objective.

So overall, the chapter was exciting and solved the complexity readers had before.

Now the only pieces that left unsolved past and the future effects.

Attack on Titan chapter 122 will publish on October 09, 2019.

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