Attack On Titan Chapter 121 Release Date Revealed

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Next enthralling Attack on Titan chapter 121 will release on September 09, 2019.

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The title of the last chapter of Shingeki No Kyojin is “A Fleeting Moment“.

As for manga of Attack on Titan advancing towards its conclusion, its latest chapter 120 seems to confirm that we are closer to its edge.

Many of us didn’t see that coming.

With the latest chapter, writer Isayama has not just dealt a severe blow but also starts to unravelling Titans dark mystery, the targeted point being “the paths”.

The Shingeki No Kyojin chapter 120 began with flashback events where Zeke tossed a ball to his half brother, Eren.

Indirectly it shows that Eren had some secret motives in his mind.

On the other hand, in reality, meanwhile scouts were busy fighting Marley, Gabi sent Eren’s head flying that falls into Zeke’s hand.

Thereby activating his coordinate ability, Eren saw “the paths“.

Though it’s still not officially confirmed, Eren Yeager died after beheading.

Shocking but might very well be true.

Zeke was in the desert realm that accessed via the Paths, who were waiting for Eren to show up.

zeke & eren in the path

Before dying, Eren’s decapitated head falls into Zeke’s hand that allows them to achived the powers of the Founder.

Both brothers were in the coordinate ability that converges all the paths. According to Zeke, he was waiting for Eren’s entry for years.

In this world, Ymir, the Founder made her first appearance since Titans’ creation.

the founder attack on titan Ymir

She moulded Zeke’s body when he destroyed by the thunder spear.

On her arrival, Zeke told Eren to command her to euthanize all the Eldians.

However, Eren noticed that Zeke who shackled by chains, to which Zeke refers as the “Vow of Renunciation” or “the first kings will”.

Eren was the only one who can freely wander around the deserted realm.

After ensuring this, Eren replied that the only reason why he stuck with his half brother to meet the Founder.

Eren and Zeke

For your information, Path is a coordinate ability that connects all the titans.

In the “Path,” Eren found out that the Founder can build anything, even the chains, only if being with the royal blood wanted to.

By spending enough time with Ymir, Beast Titan’s shifter managed to render renunciation vow and understood something.

That she is nothing but just a slave will always kneel before those with the royal blood.

Ymir Zeke & Eren

Thus, having control over the situation, Zeke accessed the powers of coordinate and quickly chained Eren.

Zeke planned to catch his half brother and felt his true motives.

It was Tom Xaver (former Beast Titan host) who separate Zeke from his family. Thus, he believes that Eren too needs someone to rescue.

That’s why Zeke needs the powers of the Founder to fix Eren Yeager.

Afterward, both brothers went to Grisha’s memory and saw Eren’s happy family.

Zeke sure hates Grisha who made the new family if his there was never Dina Fritz.

Attack on Titan fans can note that Erens calls Grisha as shi**y father.

Not sure if he meant it.

They understood how Grisha managed to find the headquarters of the king, the basement where lies the┬áReiss family’s succession rituals.

But Grisha did not even touch the basement but years before the first wall breach.

After going through his father’s memories, Zeke understands Grisha’s love for his family because of his delaying in capturing the Founder.

Grisha Yeager

Grisha had learned from his mistake and Zeke discover that Eren is doing correctly Grisha would do.

It Seems no.

Subsequently, brothers next stand in the basement of the Yeager family where Grisha was apologizing Zeke.

grisha zeke eren in the paths

Both brothers were stunned by seeing Grisha’s confessing Zeke in his memories.

Despite being the fact that current old man Zeke could not be his son, Grisha sat back down.

On the other hand, Zeke got confused.

Therefore, the Attack Titan’s shifter reaches to the door of the basement and tells Zeke to follow the next memory.

Attack on Titan Chapter 120 ends here.


With that said, we can assume that as a holder of coordinate, Grisha too made it to the memories. Therefore, he was able to visualize Zeke in the minds.

Or is it Attack Titan’s ability that allows the host to roam freely in the memories?

In the last episode of Attack on Titan season 3, Eren Kruger already aware of Mikasa and Armin even though he was never a coordinate holder.

We can also conclude that its titan holders’ ability allows them to access their future hosts’ memories.

Is Eren dead?

To get this answer will have to wait for the Attack on Titan chapter 121. We even might have to wait until the last chapter of the series.

Furthermore, we will soon find out Ymir’s past and her origin to create titans for humanity.

Hopefully, Attack on Titan chapter 121 will reveal in-depth secrets of Titans and their origin.

Point to be noted that, in the end, Eren looked calm.

What’s that supposed to mean?

Did Eren manage to access previous/next titan holders memories?

if yes, then he must be knowing the truth which Zeke doesn’t.

And that might be the key to turn Zeke’s plan on him.

And last but not least, meanwhile in reality, what’s happening in the actual world.

What would be fate of Mikasa and Armin who was battling hard against the Cart Titan?

Mikasa Armin Cart Titan

Armored Titan seems still to be attacked by the scouts.

The battle is going on.

Moreover, will Hange and Captain Levi return?

And what about Historia?

She must be the one to end this dirty conflict.

Will have to wait as we are concluding.

What do you think will happen in the next chapter?

Share your theories down below in the comment box, and we would publish your speculations in our next AOT article.

Attack on Titan chapter 121 will publish on September 09, 2019.

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  1. The writer’s personal beliefs about history of the world wars are going to shape the next few chapters and the final outcome. There are just two many comparable moments like internment camps, genocide, racist ideology, propaganda, monarchy, technology era, arms races, and more. Is Shiganshina and wall Maria a metaphor for 1937 Nanjing? That’s where the AOT story starts but it seems to me that if one were to just shift a few problems around between the key nations in the WW’s it’s easy to see that the real losers of war are all of humanity.


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