Attack On Titan Chapter 120 Release Date Revealed

eren yeager as a titan attack On Titan Chapter 120

Hajime Isayama’s Attack on Titan chapter 120 will release on August 09, 2019.

The latest piece of the chapter named “Big Brothers and Little Brothers“.

shingeki no kyojin chapter 120

Shingeki No Kyojin fans saw the beginning of Yeager brothers’ fierce battle that ended with Zeke’s involvement.

Last chapter 118 began with an onslaught of Zeke’s beast titan on Marley army only that too ended with one shot by general Magath.

It happened by considering possibility scenario of Zeke’s calling for Titans.

Spoiler Alert for Attack on Titan Chapter 120

Attack on Titan chapter 119 is not only written for its battle but also showcase anticipated events.

Chapter 119 is a perfect blending of action, unexpected events, and tragic ends, all appropriately executed.

The chapter begins with Beast titan on the ground and his half brother moving forward to make contact.

Beast Titan and Eren Yeager

As a result, Reiner and Porco try to stop Eren.

It seems unfortunate Porco doesn’t know how strong Eren is. Going up against him costs him a lot as he gets severely beaten.

However, fortunately, he saved as one more canon blast hits Eren.

Afterwards, ODM gear users try to fight Marley soldiers, including cart Titan. But they didn’t know that there were already enemy troops hiding inside the buildings.

To defeat the enemy troops, Pyxis comes up with a strategy.


Following Eren’s weak guard after cannon shot, Reiner took it for his advantage.

Since the intention is to devour Eren, Armor Titan shifter puts everything he had and asked Jaw titan to fight back.

It’s that moment when Porco notices his brothers’ memories. It made him realized how his brother protected him.

Knowing what happened in the past made him feel low.

Zeke Yeager, who supposedly immobile tries to call titans for help. But Colt stopped him having Falco with him nearby.

Colt requested Zeke to let Falco go to a certain distance so that he could summon pure titans.

As a big brother, Zeke shows emotions yet takes a call to execute the final plan. But it seems Zeke cares nothing more than his plan.

Those who become a victim of Zeke’s spinal fluid became pure Titan that includes commander Pyxis and Nile.

Pyxis becomes Pure Titan

Meanwhile, Colt, who genuinely cares for his younger brother, refused to leave and burnt alive.

It’s so much like Game of Thrones.

Everyone’s going to die, including favourites one.

Is this means Attack on Titan making the same mistake as that Game of Thrones Season 8?

As the story proceeds, Zeke ordered Falco to kill Reiner.

But swiftly, Beast Titan gets one more shot cannon blast that could end him.

Meanwhile, Armin and Mikasa rescue Eren who was about to shot in the head.

Considering that Beast Titan out of the game, Reiner thought of getting devoured to get Falco back. However, Porco decided to save Reiner and gets eaten alive.

The Attack on Titan made Reiner’s life so much worse. First, he lost his brother friend Marcel, then Annie, Bertholdt and now Porco.

The scene and overall storyline will now likely make you feel sorry for him. Because this anime character already suffered too much.

But readers knew that Zeke is still alive.

Eren tries to meet Zeke, but Armore Titan intercepts him. Hence to stop Reiner, Eren used his hardens ability and restrained him for a while.

Due to the immense physical strength of Armor Titan, Reiner tried to catch Eren, but unexpectedly Thunder Spears hinders him.

Now all the hurdles are cleared, Eren saw Zeke and ran towards him.

But one most shocking event happened that could shatter the whole Attack on Titan chapter 120.

The little girl Gabi took a rifle and shot Eren causing his head fly.

Gabi shots Eren Yeager

Seriously! It came out from nowhere.

The moment of Truth was there but with the cliffhanger.

Readers will now have to wait for the next chapter which will release in next month.


Attack on Titan chapter 119 brought the probability that we might get to see Armin into action. On the other hand, Yelena would get a chance to show off.

For the next chapter, readers can expect to see Falco in his human form, and Eren will probably find some way to reach Zeke. Fan favourites characters, Captain Levi and Hange, are yet appeared.

Everything is happening according to the writer’s plan.

Just to note.

The previous chapter of Attack on Titan present Mikasa who decided not to carry her scarf.

But why?

Manga readers have their thoughts.

So be ready for upcoming unexpected events that will fire you all.

Attack on Titan Chapter 120 will publish on August 09, 2019



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