Arrow Season 7: Stephen Amell Teases Next Big Villains

Green Arrow and The Longbow Hunters

Arrow Season 6 has ended up very emotionally with Oliver Queen behinds the jails.

But Green Arrow actor Stephen Amell recently revealed Season 7’s big villains, ‘Longbow Hunters‘ which would be a very interesting addition to the story.

You can check out following footage which was interviewed by TVline:

In the finale episode (Life Sentence) of Arrow Season 6, thanks to Laurel, Diaz is on the run but he made some new companions which even League of Assasins are afraid of.

But who are they?

Ricardo Diaz the Longbow Hunters
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First revealed in the finale episode by Ricardo Diaz (Kirk Acevedo), Longbow Hunters are a group of Assassins who believed to be just a myth. Because they existed till 1950.

As per a report from TVline, Arrow showrunner Marc Guggenheim said,

“I will say that the reference to the Longbow Hunters is us planting a flag, much the same way we referenced Damien Darhk in the Season 3 finale”

Hence it is pretty sure that the upcoming season of Arrow is about to get wild if Longbow Hunters are the part of a storyline.

Who Are Longbow Hunters In The DC Comics?

In the comics, the villain group first introduced in mini-series of ‘Green Arrow: The Longbow Hunters‘ in which Ricardo Dragon recruited them to kill Oliver Queen.

From the conflict between Oliver and Diaz, we at least know the reason behinds to do this.

Although in the comics, things are very different.

In the actual comics, there were total 6 assassins named as Brick, Clock King, Count Vertigo, Junior Diaz, Killer Moth, Red Dart. But according to CW’s Oliver Queen, there were only 3 assassins and some of them could be died out in 1950.

Green Arrow: The Longbow Hunters was the biggest hit DC comic series that lead DC to launch Arrow’s standalone series.

It is still unknown whether Deathstroke would return or not to help out fallen Star City’s vigilante, but I am sure, as an old friend, he and his son would be the best addition to Team Arrow for the next Season 7.

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