Arrow Season 6: Sydelle Noel cast in Recurring Role as FBI agent

Cherry Bang in Glow Arrow Season 6: Sydelle Noel cast in Recurring Role as FBI agent
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CW’s first and most iconic superhero TV series Arrow has cast Sydelle Noel in a recurring role for its season 6. This upcoming season is much more different than its previous five seasons. Oliver Queen’s flashback in his five years of hell in Lian Yuu Island and his battle against season 5’s villain Prometheus finally came to an end, but likewise, superheroes never have an easy life. According to a report from Variety, Noel will go to play Samanda Watson, an FBI agent whose sole objective in the season to find out Oliver’s Queen’s secret connection to the Green Arrow.

Samanda is intelligent and poised with her no tolerance mind ability for nonsense attitude. And she swears to find out the secrets of Green Arrow. Noel has show her excitement through her twitter account.

She is the not first one who wants to figure out about his identity. In last season 5, Journalist Susan Williams investigating Oliver Queen and reach to the conclusion that he’s the Green Arrow. Later on, she decided to not reveal his secret identity. In season 3, cops figure out that Oliver is the vigilante hood, but Roy Harper manages to trick them. But in the season 6, it seems that Noel will go to be Oliver’s biggest interrupt.

At the TCA press tour, Arrow showrunner and executive producer Marc Guggenheim noted the importance of adding female characters on his CW’s TV series. Previously he announced that Juliana Harkavy (Dinah Drake) will travels from recurring character to regular status. And Katie Cassidy (Black Siren) will reprise her role again after the Laurel’ Lance’s death. Now Noel is the last female member added to the show.

Sydelle Noel’s most recent TV series is Netflix’s GLOW and she also going to appears in the Marvel’s upcoming MCU Black Panther movie as a member of Dora Milange-female group of a warrior who serves their king. She has a short but very tough history of playing fighter character, ready to play Samanda’s character.

I am sure at the end of the season, Samanda Watson will successfully discover the identity of the Green Arrow, interesting thing is that whether she will go to expose Oliver Queen or not. For that, we’ll have to wait.

Arrow season 6, premiere on Thursday, Oct 12, 9 PM on the CW

Source: Cinema Blend


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