Arrow Season 6 Will Bring Back One Old Character

Katrina Law as Nyssa AL Ghul in the Arrow TV series

Nyssa Al Ghul’s actress Katrina Law will reprise her role in the upcoming episode of Arrow Season 6. She will visit Star City for a single episode named as “The Thanatos Guild”.

Green Arrow, Deathstroke, Nyssa Al Ghul on Lian Yu
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Last time we saw her in the finale of Arrow Season 5 where she survived the explosion of Lian Yu and escaped with the other survivors on the plane.

After that in the new season, there was no mentioned of her until this very recent news. Variety confirms that Oliver’s first wife will appear in episode 16 of the season 6.

While talking with Arrow’s executive producer Wendy Mericle & Marc Guggenheim, Variety notes the following statement:

“In an unforgettable episode that will change ‘Arrow’ forever, Katrina Law returns as the Daughter of the Demon, Nyssa Al Ghul.

Nyssa comes to Star City to warn of an impending danger that will threaten everything we know and love.”

According to Showrunner, this episode will be the turning key for the season. As they didn’t reveal anything about the episode except Nyssa’s recurring role.

If you are forgetting, Katrina Law will not be the only one to return to the Show. The season also planning on bringing back Colton Hayne as Roy Harper.

There were rumors that the Red Arrow could make into Crisis on Earth-X, but it seems that the showrunner kept him under wrap until the very important point.

Much before Nyssa’s grand entry, Roy Harper is returning once again for a short story arc. However, it is unknown whether both characters would be a part of the same mission or something else.

Michael Emerson as Cayden James in the Arrow Season 6
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Like Flash Team, Arrow team also trapped into their villain’s major plan where Cayden James successfully breaks the team in half and threatening the hero to avenge his son’s death.

Arrow Season 6 air on Thursday at 9/8c on the CW

Source: Variety


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