Aquaman Facts You Didn’t Know About

arthur curry as aquaman facts

Aquaman is the ruler of the seas and King of Atlantis.

One interesting fact is that Arthur Curry, aka Aquaman, hold the same powers as that of Superman or Wonder Woman.

Do you want to know more about him?

Then read these 10 Facts About Aquaman.

1. According to Aquaman, the piranha is the most difficult species to control due to their ruthlessness and hunger.

2. Arthur Curry is one of the fastest DC characters. According to JLA, Vol. 5: Justice For All. DC Comics, Aquaman can swim at a rate of 3,000 meters per second, i.e.,10,800 km per hour.

3. If Aquaman stays on Earth surface for a longer time, he becomes weak. To overcome this weakness, Batman once builts a water suit for Aquaman. With this, Arthur was able to walk for a more extended period. Also, dehumidifier did not affect him.

4. Aquaman’s iconic Trident is one of the most potent DC weapons. Poseidon blessed it to the rightful king and protector of the seas. Thus, Arthur Curry wielded it with his unmatchable skills. Besides its usage as a melee weapon, the Trident can manipulate water as well as able to fire bolts of powerful energy. In New 52, it considered as one of the seven strongest Atlantean magical items built by the first king of Atlantis, the Dead King.

5. Aquaman vol. 6, #12. DC Comics shows Aquaman’s magical hand made out of water. When Arthur lost his left hand, Lady of the Lake gifted him with a new magic hand. With this, Aquaman can dehydrate anyone he touches. Also, he can shoot jets of blistering or freezing water. The hook could create a portal for spontaneous transport.

6. In Justice League (Volume 2) #14, when Green Lantern left the team of Justice League, both Aquaman and Batman argued leading of Justice League. But it was postponed when Wonder Woman’s arch-enemy Cheetah defeated them.

7. In Aquaman: Death of a King, When Peter Mortimer aka Scavenger attacked Atlantis, Aquaman summoned a massive underwater monster, Topo for his aid. Besides Phiranna, Topo was too strong to control. The strain to control was too much that Arthur Curry was on a six-month coma for exceeding his telepathy.

8. After learning from Ryus that Atlantean was their enemy, Mera went to kill Arthur Curry, the king of Atlantis, Aquaman. However, she learned that Arthur Curry is more than a hero instead of a tyrant king. When she decided to follow her path in life, she fell in love with Arthur instead of killing him.

9. Arthur Curry and Mera had a son year after they gave birth to Arthur Curry Jr. But sadly enough, Black Manta killed Aquaboy by suffocation that made him Aquaman’s arch-foe. It puts a line between Aquaman and his wife, Mera.

10. Aquaman possesses raw strength the same as that of Superman and Wonder Woman. His super-Atlantean allows him to lift insuperable amounts of weight. He can even knock out most of the mighty Justice League members. Arthur also has seen lifting a 160000 ton Sea Liner barehanded. Aquaman (Volume 7) #29 show that his strength roughly matches to that of legendary Hercules.


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