Adam Warlock’s won’t appear until Guardians of the Galaxy 3

Adam Warlock Infinity War comics

Guardians of the Galaxy (GOTG) vol. 2 teases the Adam Warlock in post credit scene. Since then Marvel fans early waiting for him to join the actual MCU movie or might be he will join from the Avengers Infinity War.


Him's Cocoon Adam Warlock’s won’t appear until Guardians of the Galaxy 3

In the comics’ storyline, Adam was created by one of the researcher group, Beehive. Their sole purpose is to create a perfect human being for the future evaluation of human beings. But for the denizens of Earth, he was created into the creature who was beyond the control of his creator. Researchers want him to use for evil ends but unfortunately, he injured them and escaped out. Later he was an encounter with almighty Thor who beat him near to death. Then he was retreated from the regenerative cocoon and thus he was reborn again.

In the James Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2, during post credit scene, the same cocoon we get to see. Adam Warlock is a very strong having super strength, speed, and regeneration and the power of flight. Also he has supernatural powers of manipulation of cosmic energy. In the comics, the character has a very strong connection to the infinity war storyline. But according to James, Adam won’t be appearing until Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 3. Hence it proves that he will not appears in the next Avengers: Infinity War. So we have to wait for the cosmic hero to get enter into the live action. One thing is sure from the appearance of his cocoon, the actual character will look just as great.

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It seems that Marvel Studio and James Gunn taking the time to developing the character. Hence Gunn feels that if he announces the Adam’s news, it will be too early for him because the casting of the Vol. 3 hasn’t begun yet. During Facebook conversation, James Gunn talks about his future plans,

“I have never even said Adam is going to be in Vol. 3 and we certainly haven’t begun casting for the film.”

James also confirmed the news in his twitter account,

Also according to Marvel’s President Kevin Feige who also confirm the news about Warlock,

“Adam Warlock is part of the MCU’s future cosmic plans but that he will not be involved in the Avengers: Infinity War.”

Also, Kevin Feige teases that GOTG Vol. 3 will setup the new era of the Marvel Cosmic universe.

So till the third part of the film, we will just have to wait and watch.
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