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James Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy vol.2 teases the first look of Adam Warlock’s cocoon. But according to James, he will not make his appearance until the GOTG vol. 3. In the post-credit scene of the movie, Ayesha who is the Golden High Priestess of the Sovereign said to her Sovereign Chambermaid,

“That, my child, is the next step in our revolution. More powerful, more beautiful. More capable of destroying the Guardians of the Galaxy. I think I shall call him…Adam.”

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Ayesha is the creator of the Adam Warlock who solely created as an enemy of the GOTG. But in the comic’s storyline, his backstory is a lot different than the actual live action MCU continuity. Hence, Hero’s Facts has dug up through Comic book and listed down top 10 comic based facts about Adam Warlock which you need to know


Adam Warlock made his first appearance through the Fantastic Four #66 issue in 1967. Originally he was called by the name ‘Him’. He was created by the scientist group calling themselves the Enclave but actually, they are Beehive. They want to create a perfect artificial human being with enhancing abilities as a future human evolution. He was created from the cocoon like structure with supernatural strength, to rule the Earth. But HIM eventually found out about their intention for creating him. They want Him for the evil works. Hence after meeting Alicia Master, he rebels against his fathers by injuring them and destroy their complex. Finally, he escapes.
After the escape from the Earth, he abducts Lady Sif of Asgard as his mate. But Thor took it as an offense and beat Him nearly death. Then he again resurrected with the help of Cocoon by the High Evolutionary. They befriend with Him and gave his first name ‘Warlock’.


After becomes allies, High Evolutionary gave Warlock life’s purpose and direction. They told him that they created the same version of Earth without evil named as Counter-Earth. For protecting this newly born earth, they also created The Man-Beast who was a genetically modified wolf has the appearance of Human like and intelligence. But he rebels against his own master and dispels them from their own home. Since then The Man Beast turns into evil. Hence High Revolutionary wants Warlock’s help to defeat him. To stand him, they give Warlock the green Soul Gem which can be helpful during his fight against the Man Beast.


After taking the mission for killing the Man Beast, he travels to the Counter Earth where Warlock suffers amnesia for short period of time, but only recalling his only name Warlock. There he met four teenagers, David Carter, Jason Grey, Eddie Roberts and Ellie Roberts. They befriend with him. Ellie thinking Warlock probably sounds like his surname. Hence, he gave Warlock his first name of Adam. Since then he was known as Adam Warlock. After battles with the Man Beast, he ended up dying in the process but again resurrect with the help of regeneration cocoon. Finally, after the Man Beast’s defeat, he leaves the counter-earth and begins to search his life purpose.


For finding his new purpose, Adam travels through Space. But suddenly, he came in contact with the head of Universal Church of Truth. The head person calling himself the Magus. If you don’t know, Magus is a twisted future incarnation of present Adam Warlock.

In an alternate timeline, Adam Warlock was kidnapped by the In-Betweener and Lord Chaos and Master Order teach him the purpose of life for centuries against his will. But finally, Warlock gave in to the truth and become totally insane. After that, they sent him to Homeworld 5000 year before his present time where he begins to call himself the Magus who also emerges from the regeneration cocoon with greatly enhanced powers. There he attacked the inhabitants of Homeworld and left survivors fell to worship him as the true one God. Magus then use their advanced techno to build The Universal Church of Truth, hence he had ground billions of life form across the cosmos under his heel.

To challenge him, present Adam recruits allies, Pip the Troll, the assassin Gamora and her employer and her adoptive father, the Mad Titan Thanos in his fight against Magus. Eventually, Adam discovers that Magus is a future version of himself who travels back in time and imprisonment by the cosmic being, In-Betweener. Soul Gem turns against Magus and driven him insane. Hence to stand against a future version of himself, he chooses to alter his own timeline by visiting himself a few months into a future and captured his own soul before he is imprisoned. By that way, he commits suicide to prevent Magus from ever existing. After defeating Magus, he continues his journey by knowing his death will come but doesn’t know when it will happen.


Initially born as Perfect Human Being who possesses enhance a number of super abilities and powers which are derived from his arterially determined genetic structure. If we talk about his body structure, his bone and muscles tissue is much denser than the normal human. Because of his body’s special adaptions, his cell able to tap and transform cosmic energy for his personal use. His body also possesses incredible speed, stamina, strength, agility, rapid healing powers and power of flight. When he had the possession of Soul Gem, he can trap anyone’s soul into the Soul Gem. He has a cocoon like regeneration machine, which can give him an extended lifespan.

This is not enough, he can project cosmic energy from his hands as concussive force. With the help of this energy, he can travel at faster speed and can create space-warps that allow him to travel from one side of the galaxy to another.

The upcoming live action Adam Warlock’s look doesn’t reveal yet, but possibly the comic based character will be most powerful.

So stay tuned for the next updates regarding Live action version of Adam Warlock who will feature from the Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 3.


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