Top 5 Facts about Galactus

marvel galactus facts

Following are the facts that you may don’t know about Galactus

You may aware of Galactus, one of the Supreme of Marvel universe and one of the important character following are some information about him that will blow up your mind

5. Galactus origin


He is the sole survivor of a universe that existed prior to the current universe. Originally he was a humanoid named Galan. He was born on the planet Taa which a paradise-like world whose civilisation is said to have been the most advanced of any of the known universe of that time.

4. He once attacked on Asgard

Once he was in search for “ Galactus Seed ” discovered by Bor First King of the Asgardians. The seed birthing the World Tree over which the nine realms hang. Surfer arrived on behalf of Galactus for the seed, the seed may be able to satisfy Galactus and stop his hunger. Odin refused to hand the seed over to him. Odin assumes that Galactus was in search for godhood and wants to live forever. This made him attack Asgard in search for the seed. Galactus was not able to get the seed as Odin was in his way stopping him from getting it.

3. His powers

He possesses the immeasurable Power Cosmic and is one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel Universe, having near-limitless godlike powers. He was once referred to as “the most awesome living entity in the cosmos.”

4. His equipment

He often employs his Elemental Converter when devouring planets to help him in the conversion of matter into energy. Although he does not require this device to devour planets and will forego its use in certain scenarios. It makes the conversion of energies more efficient. Galactus also wears a full-body suit of armour constructed from an unknown material of his own design that helps him to regulate and control his personal energy. If he were to remove the armour for an extended period, his vast cosmic energies could run rampant and potentially give him the appearance of a star.

5. Transportation ability

Although Galactus is capable of space travel via his own power. He disdains the needless expenditure of power and prefers to travel in starships of his own design. Though he has many different starships in his personal fleet his preferred long range vessel is his sphere-shaped starship which is capable of trans-light speeds and inter-dimensional travel. He has even on rare occasions been shown to travel in his solar system-sized Worldship, Taa II.

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